M&Q | 55 Portuguese International Championships 2020

Dear All,

Thank you for your entries into the 55 Portuguese International Championships 2020!

The lists with players/pairs for the main draw and qualifications have now been processed and can be seen here:


For choosing the players/pairs the BWF World Ranking of 4 February 2020 has been used. All events are in ranking order.


Please note until 17 February 2020 all withdrawals must be done online by respective Member Associations trough tournamentsoftware online system.


For any withdrawal from 18 February 2020 until the tournament starts, please send your withdrawal request with reason to the following addresses:

Jean-Marc Chancerel jeanmarc.chancerel@gmail.com(Referee)

João Fragoso jfrazgan@gmail.com (Deputy Referee)

Patrícia Rosa events@fpbadminton.pt (Tournament Administrator)

Please, also do not forget to book your accommodation and inform us about your arrival/departure (https://fpbadminton.pt/portal/55th-portuguese-international-championships-2020/) by e-mail to events@fpbadminton.pt as soon as possible.


Thank you!