Entry list – XV Portugal Junior International 2023

The entry list for the XV Portugal Junior International 2023 has been published and is available at https://bwf.tournamentsoftware.com/sport/acceptancelist.aspx?id=8ce1ea96-08fc-496f-bbb8-16df82e438f7 .

For selecting the players/pairs the BWF Junior Rankings from 31 October 2023 has been used.

Please note that until withdrawal deadline, Monday, November 13 11:59 PM GMT, all withdrawals must be done online by respective Member Associations trough tournamentsoftware online system.

For any withdrawal from November 14 until the tournament starts, please send your withdrawal request with reason to the following addresses:
Cleopatra Monco (Referee): cleopatramonco@badmintonitalia.net   
Susana Maldonado (Deputy Referee) Email: susanamaldonado@netcabo.pt
Patrícia Rosa (Tournament Administrator) events@fpbadminton.pt

Please, do not forget to book your accommodation and inform us about your arrival/departure (forms available here: https://fpbadminton.pt/xv-portugal-junior-international-2023/ ) by e-mail to events@fpbadminton.pt . All booking should be made until November 17, 2023, after this date we will do our best to assist and to try to find rooms, but these might be at full rate and not served by the tournament transport service.

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We look forward to having you with us and to a highly successful tournament ahead!