Entry List – II U17 Portugal Open 2022

The entry list for the II U17 Portugal Open 2022 has been published and is available at https://bwf.tournamentsoftware.com/sport/acceptancelist.aspx?id=d8f749ca-31bd-41a1-9fd7-cef7f43d6741 .

For selecting the players/pairs the BEC European U17 Ranking from 24/10/2022 has been used.

Please note that  until Tuesday, November 7, 2022 11:59 PM (GMT +00:00) all withdrawals must be done online by respective Member Associations trough tournamentsoftware online system.

For any withdrawal from November 8 until the tournament starts, please send your withdrawal request with reason to the following addresses:

Susana Maldonado (Referee) susanamaldonado@netcabo.pt

João Cardoso (Deputy Referee) cardosojmc@gmail.com

Patrícia Rosa (Tournament Administrator) events@fpbadminton.pt

Following the entry deadline, the provisional schedule was changed:

– 25/11: R64 MS, WS & XD + R32 MD, WD & XD (starting at 9h30)

– 26/11: R32 MS & WS + all R16 + all QF (starting at 9h30)

– 27/11: all SF (starting at 9h30) + all finals (starting at 13h)

Please note that the deadline for accommodation and transport is until November 11, 2022. You can find all the forms in our tournament website: https://fpbadminton.pt/ii-u17-portugal-open-2022