9th Portuguese International Junior Championships

Part of the Badminton Europe Junior Circuit
Junior International Series Tournament – Caldas da Rainha – 1 – 3 December 2017


Federação Portuguesa de Badminton (Tel. +351262839020; Fax +351262839026; Email: events@fpbadminton.pt)


High Performance Center for Badminton (Av. Vasco da Gama, Caldas da Rainha)




Carmen Martinez (ESP) – cmvillanueva@hotmail.es


Susana Maldonado (POR) – susanamaldonado@netcabo.pt


1December 2017, 9h – Main Events
2December 2017, 9h – Main Events; 17h30 – Semi-finals
3December 2017, 9h30 – Finals


31 October 2017


14 November 2017


30 November 2017, at 20h, in the venue


Players who are under 19 years of age throughout the year 2017 (i.e. born on 1999 or younger) and who are eligible to play for BWF Member Associations.


EVENTS: Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles.
The numbers of players/pairs to be accepted for the main events are 64 in Singles, 32 in Doubles and 48 in Mixed Doubles. It is required that every event has at least 8 competitors (i.e. actual competitors, not merely entries). If the required number of competitors is not met, this particular event shall not count towards any ranking.

In accordance with regulation 10.4 in Appendix 6 to BWF’s General Competition Regulations, an event must contain at least one entry from a Member Association other than the hosting Association. If an event does not contain at least one entry from a Member Association other than the hosting Association, this particular event shall not count towards any ranking. BADMINTON EUROPE is not liable for any costs incurred by third persons (players, coaches, umpires, team managers etc.) because of an event not having enough competitors to count for the rankings.


All entries must be made by using the BWF Online Entry System: https://bwf.tournamentsoftware.com/sport/tournament.aspx?id=EA01550F-D9FA-437D-8C81- 814D8A4025DB

Entries must be submitted no later than Tuesday 31 October 2017 at 23.59 BWF HQ time (GMT +08.00). No late entries will be accepted. Players cannot be entered unless they already have a BWF ID-number. In case you wish to enter players who do not have a BWF ID-number, please contact the BWF office well in advance of the tournament, so that the players concerned can get a BWF ID-number before the closing date of the tournament.


Singles – 30€ per player; Doubles – 25€ per player

The member association that enters a player into a circuit tournament is responsible for paying the entry fees for that player. The entry fees become due if a player is entered and has not been withdrawn when the entry deadline passes.


No prize-money


The official hotel and respective prices can be found bellow. Please make your reservations using the accommodation reservation form. The rooms will be allocated strictly in first come first served basis. Early booking is advised.

Caldas Internacional Hotel – Rua Dr. Figueirôa Rego, 45, 2500-186 Caldas da Rainha

Hotel prices (per room/night, bed & breakfast):

Single Room Double Room
Caldas Internacional Hotel *** 50,00€ 75,00€



Transport will be provided free of charge between Lisbon Airport and Caldas da Rainha (80 km) for participants who booked hotel through the organization. Other participants may request airport transport, but it will have a cost of 60€ per person (both ways). Transport between the official hotel and the hall will be provided to all participants.


Available on Thursday, 30 November, between 14h and 20h. Please send request to the organizers.


The Tournament will be conducted under the laws and competition regulations of the BWF and the Regulations of the Badminton Europe Junior Circuit 2017, including the prohibition of doping for which tests may be carried out.

Colour, design, lettering and advertising on clothing shall be regulated by BWF General Competition Regulations 19 to 23. A player violating these regulations shall be penalised by an administrative fine of 50,00 EUR.

For all BEC Junior Circuit tournaments the name on the back of the shirts is mandatory at all time during play in the semi-finals and finals A player failing to wear the name on his/her shirt when mandatory shall result in an administrative fine of 50,00 EUR.

It is mandatory for the semi-finals and finals that partners in doubles wear the same colour of the T-shirt and shorts/skirts. Failing to do so shall result in an administrative fine of 50,00 EUR.

Brand of Shuttles: Snowpeak. Courts: 5 Yonex courts. According to Portuguese law Drug Testing may be carried out on a random basis throughout the tournament. If you need Visa for Portugal please ask the organizer for the official invitation letter. It is advised to arrange the VISA in time. Insurance should be arranged by individual participants.


We would appreciate if you can make your payments (entry fees and accomodation) in advance, by bank transfer, to the following account (no bank charges will be accepted by the organization):

Name: Federação Portuguesa de Badminton

Bank: Millenium BCP Address: Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

Account IBAN: PT50003300000010547324205


Payments for entry fees and accommodation can also be made in cash or with VISA card at the venue.